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Intensive Outpatient Alcohol Treatment – An Alternative to AA That Really Works!

What Our AA Alternative Program Offers
You That No Other Alcohol Program Can!

Our 5-Day AA Alternative Outpatient Treatment Program is a focused, individual or couples program. With an outpatient format and a non 12 Step research base, it is the real solution for people who need complete privacy and confidentiality in their treatment.

You can select your own accommodations from surrounding hotels whose offerings range from basic to luxurious.  No, you don’t need to go away to a residential program to fix your alcohol abuse problem, nor do you need to be locked up like some sort of criminal.

Our AA Alternative Program uses CBT, Naltrexone, Motivational Enhancement, Diet, Assertiveness Training, Exercise, Mindfulness and other factors, in a holistic, custom tailored approach designed specifically for you.

This is done in absolute privacy and with the utmost comfort, control, and confidentiality.

This means:

  • Individual Treatment – The focus is on you and your issues alone; (i.e. NO GROUPS WHATSOEVER!);
  • Freedom – You’re an adult and will be treated as such. We respect your ability to decide what is in your own best interest. We will explore and recommend but we never dictate. You are not diseased or powerless;
  • Couples’ Treatment – we include spouses or partners whenever possible, and also work with couples when both have an alcohol problem. No one else does either, nor can they;
  • Alcohol Treatment Only – we are specialists in the underlying issues leading to alcohol abuse and their resolution;.
  • Teamwork – We are a team and you get the benefit of our undivided attention, differing perspectives, experience, and sensitivity to gender issues — another reason for our clients’ success and our effective work with couples;
  • Efficient – 5 days with us (Scruffy the dog is optional) and 12 weeks of private follow-up by phone/Skype with us from the comfort and privacy of your home. No AA, meetings, chat rooms, “lifers” or para-professionals to waste your time or compromise your privacy;
  • Confidential – No groups! You will never see another client nor be exposed to anyone other than the two of us and our consulting physician, Dr. Tim Norcross, D.O.;
  • Effective – Our clients’ success rate, a year after treatment exceeds 65% – not the traditional programs’ 5% or less;
  • Professional – We are PhD’s specializing in alcohol abuse and dependence only and our program is California State certified. We are recommended providers by Smart Recovery, Moderation Management, SHAMSHA, Harm Reduction, Psychology Today, BBB, and others;
  • Affordable – At $8,750 for 12 weeks, we offer the most affordable treatment option in the country as well as the best outcomes!
  • Remember! No labels, Steps, or AA. You will Recover, not be “In Recovery.” You can go back to leading a successful and normal life. You don’t need to spend your life as an AA alcoholic.

The Leading AA Alternative Alcoholism Outpatient Treatment Program
Designed Around You

A recent New York Times article noted the following:

“…some addiction experts now envision a future — possibly no more than a decade away — in which treatment for alcoholism mirrors contemporary approaches to depression: Patients will choose from a range of drugs to find the one that best suits them, then couple it with therapy and other tools to achieve recovery.

“What we hope to do is to actually have a menu of treatments that clinicians could choose from,” said Raye Z. Litten, associate director of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.”

The good news is that we’ve already been doing exactly that for nearly a decade now.

That’s right – you don’t have to wait for the treatment industry to catch up to the research.

Your Empowering Solutions is an AA Alternative (Non 12 Step) Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse Treatment Center based on cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), Motivational Enhancement, and Assertiveness Training combined with Naltrexone and other medical anti-craving support. Our research and evidence-based approach is built around you, your strengths, interests, and abilities, not around mythical powerlessness and magic.

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What Is Our Self-Empowering AA Alternative Alcohol Treatment Program?

Our Self-Empowering AA Alternative Alcohol Treatment Program is based on facts, research, and experience, not cults and mystical cures. We approach your alcohol abuse for what it is, a coping mechanism gone awry and a symptom of unresolved conflicts.

These underlying problems may include loneliness, boredom, anxiety, passivity, depression, physical pain, and/or a number of other problems in a mosaic unique to you. As a result, successfully leaving alcohol abuse behind means creating a treatment plan that includes the services that are unique to you.

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We’re the Only Effective AA Alternative Alcohol Treatment Program for Couples

If you’ve ever been to couple’s counseling you know that it always degenerates into a “2 on 1” triangle and nothing productive ever happens. We have been working as a team with couples for nearly a decade now and as a team we can prevent that “ganging up on” from ever interfering with what really is going on.

So whether you’re the one with the drinking problem, or the exasperated spouse, or if you both have a drinking problem, we do understand both sides of the coin.

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 Why Our Clients Succeed With AA Alternatives

Our clients are successful because we treat clients as competent individuals, not as powerless and diseased losers. Imagine that.

  • We assist you in learning to focus on success, not failure;
  • We equip you with the effective tools to achieve success;
  • We work with you individually and/or as a couple;
  • We help you find and develop real support;
  • We provide scheduled and informal follow-up for as long as you want it.

And we do all of this in complete privacy with total confidentiality which no one else in the U.S. or Canada is able to offer!

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The Only Fully Individual Alcohol Treatment Program in the U.S. or Canada

Because we only work with individuals and couples, and because we both give you our undivided attention during the initial 5 Day Intensive portion of our AA alternative program, you are assured of being heard and supported, and having your unique circumstances taken into account and addressed.

You will never be fobbed off on groups, see another client, or waste your time, effort and money on “filler” like AA meetings, Step Work, Equine Therapy, Rope Courses, or other shams.

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A Modern, Holistic, Research Based, AA Alternative Program Designed Around You

Most Alcoholism Treatment Programs are built around isolating you, breaking you down and demeaning you until you are too exhausted and defeated to resist indoctrination into their cult. Then you leave treatment and rebel against the labeling and victimization by going back to drinking. You know how that plays out, with you feeling worse and more hopeless than ever.

But when addressing your alcohol problems means enhancing your abilities, increasing your well earned self-esteem, and improving you self-image? That all leads to developing the skills, strengths, and motivation it takes to leave alcoholism and alcohol abuse behind. Permanently and without labels, meetings, steps, or fear of failure, now or in the future.

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We’ve Been the Leaders in AA Alternatives for Over 20 Years

Ever since Dr. Wilson’s graduate research at St. Mary’s University of Minnesota led to the development of effective ways to assess clients and construct truly individualized treatment, we’ve been working to make real AA alternative treatment available to individuals and couples.

Working as a team we offer a model of services, expertise, experience, and success to selected clients that no other treatment program comes close to matching.

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“Recovered,” not “In Recovery” – the “Not AA” Difference

Our clients here at Your Empowering Solutions recover; they are not “in recovery.” Like ex-smokers you become an ex-drinker with no need of labels, medallions, day counting, or fear of “normies.” Indeed, you return to being normal, whatever that means to you, and drinking simply goes into the “been there, done that” category that we all assign former behaviors to.

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